Who we are


At its core, Professor Puzzle is a collection of 75 individuals, brimming with talent and energy.

We believe that in recent years, as a result of good old-fashioned hard work, our team has become the very best in the business.

The result of this combined effort is that every year the business grows quickly.

We have offices in London and Chicago, with a warehouse in Fareham (UK) and lots of stock kept in Maryland in the US.

The two things we’re most proud of are our people and customer retention stats. The fact that our employees stay with us is our secret sauce. In turn, this helps us retain and continue to work with our wonderful customers.

Our focus for 2020? We think we have the best team. Now we want to feel we are all part of the best workplace, with the best culture in the industry. Crack that, and we think the rest falls into place …